Slow Progress

Wherein Waxjin fulfills her deepest desires...

Lhoris, the high elf gide, took you in the direction of the planewalkers guild, down to a landing covered in thick spider webs. Everyone aced their stealth rolls except for Tybyl. The party flees after Tybyl uses Mage Hand to distract one of the spiders, and also makes chittering noises along the lines of "It's all cool here" which slowed them a bit.

We leave the spiders having a domestic and we headed approximately exactly 150' down to the next landing, it got much colder and narrower. This landing was small, 15' square and had a hole in the middle, and it was also covered in black ice. Lhoris, made a beeline for the hole and climbed in, then we noticed the door.

Everyone felt that they wanted to go inside, but resisted, because it was clearly an evil magic door. Waxjin is enchanted by the door, and before anyone can stop her, she goes through and the door closes behind her.

After some discussion, the highest-willed character (Tybyl the sorcerer) ties a rope around his waist and opens the door to go after her. The door opens into a dungeon, with skeletons chained on the wall, the rope has enough slack for him to walk to the other end of the room, where a door leads to an upward staircase

Sigthur tracks Waxing's footsteps through the dungeon and up the stairs, which open into a temple, of sorts. A queue of robed cultists lining up to be willingly executed, in front of a seated leader on a throne.

  • tybyl disguises himself as a cultist and mingles with the crowd
  • sigthur aces his stealth role and sneaks behind the throne
  • xioe flies into the rafters and hovers

It is sigthur that first notices Waxjin's familiar horns under the seated leader's hood.

xioe shouts down in an angelic voice that they are to stop what they are doing because it really won't balance the books don't you know and swoops down, aiming at Waxjin.


  • tybyl barges through the crowd to get to her
  • sigthur hangs back, but I like to imagine him notching an arrow
  • xioe rolls a 1, and smashes into the ground unceremoniously
  • Waxjin throws off her hood and says something like "how dare you interrupt"
  • Tybyl does reach her, and touches her shoulder
  • we hear the concussive force of a spell cast, but it is resisted

Tybyl tries to reason with Waxjin, but she wants to stay and play with her new friends.
Resigned to a brawl, Tybyl casts Ray of Enfeeblement on Waxjin, while Xioe entraps her with her net. Sigthur hefts Waxjin onto his shoulder and bundles her out of the dungeon, followed by the rest of the party.

We end the game back on the black-ice platform with the hole in the middle (which is actually a spiral staircase), Waxjin grumpy but with the spell lifted, and our guide, Lhoris, finally returning, poking his head up through the hole saying,
"Are you coming or what?"



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